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 How to Apply to Niemeyer

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PostSubject: How to Apply to Niemeyer   Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:46 pm

So you are interested in joining our ranks. Great!

We want you to write an application, covering the points you find necessary.
We are not only interested in your character but also you, the player. What is most important to us is that you are skilled and that you consistently attend raids fully prepared. When this is covered, we also want you to be enjoyable to play the game with.

As a bare minimum for your application we want you to cover the following:

  • Character Information
  • Real Life Information (no need to tell us your name. Do, however, tell which of our raid times you are able to attend.)
  • Your WoW experience (Content, expansions, other cool stuff)

Feel free to add more to your application if you feel it is a little short. Writing a very short application shows us you don't really want to join, and an essay gets boring to read very quickly. Find that sweet-spot. If you take time in writing your application, we will take our time reading it.

Good luck!
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How to Apply to Niemeyer
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